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Remittance Advice Batch Printing

You can print multiple remittance advice before posting a payment journal and after posting a payment. This advice displays vendor invoice numbers, which helps vendors to perform reconciliations.

Posted Ledger Entries
  1. Choose the  icon, enter Vendor Ledger Entries, and then choose the related link.

2. Use the  to select multiple Payment lines.

3. From Actions -> Functions select the option “Send Selected Remittance Advice”

4. Select the preferred sending profile that will be used when sending the remittance advices.

5. Confirm how the document will be sent.

Payment Journal
  1. Choose the  icon, enter Payment Journals, and then choose the related link.

2. Select Navigate -> Payments

3. Select either Print Selected Remittance Advice or Send Selected Remittance Advice

4. Print Remittance Advice – Choose Print or Preview

5. The Remittance advices will be generated

6. Send Remittance Advice – Confirm how the document will be processed

7. The Remittance advice will be generated depending on your selection.

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