Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS Localisation Starter Pack for the Republic of Ireland
Statutory Information

To comply with legal requirements, statutory information is available on the Statutory FastTab on the Company Information page.

1. Choose the  option, and enter Company Information:

2. Select the Company Information task.

3. On the Statutory FastTab, fill in the fields required.

The following fields are available.

Registration No.Specifies the registration number of the company.
Registered NameSpecifies the registered name of the company.
Registered AddressSpecifies the registered address of the company.
Registered Address 2Specifies an additional part of the company’s registered address.
Registered CitySpecifies the city where the company is registered.
Registered CountySpecifies the county of the company’s registered address.
Registered Post CodeSpecifies the registered postal code of the company.
Branch NumberSpecifies the branch number of the company.
Contact NameSpecifies the name of the contact person for the company.


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