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All crowdfunding proceeds are sent directly to Shaun and Ann Brady via JustGiving.

📅 11/02/24 - Fundraising Update

Sysco Software, Dublin

Sysco Software, Belfast

On Sunday, 11th February, two fundraising teams from Sysco Software participated in sponsored walks to raise awareness and funds for Ann Brady. The Belfast team tackled the Black Mountains, while the Dublin team walked to Bull Island. The event saw participation from Sysco Software employees, their families, friends, and pets, making for a successful morning!

The initiative aims to support Ann Brady’s husband, Shaun Brady, a Sysco Software employee based in Belfast, in raising £70,000 to facilitate Ann’s relocation for home care. We encourage those within and outside our network to contribute to this cause.

For donations or if you have collected sponsorship money, please visit our JustGiving page: 

Additionally, if you or your organisation can offer support, please get in touch. Thank you to all who have participated and contributed to the fundraising efforts so far.

Shaun's Mission: Get Ann Home

Today, we share the inspiring yet challenging journey of our long-time colleague, Shaun, and his wife, Ann Brady. As a company, we're organising various fundraising initiatives this year to assist Shaun and Ann in achieving their goal.

Ann's Story

Ann, a former Commonwealth Games badminton competitor for Northern Ireland, exemplifies strength and vitality. Her journey with a rare spinal condition, known as a spinal AVM, began in 2000.

Despite a significant bleed in 2003 and subsequent rehabilitation, Ann’s resilience shone through as she regained mobility, and married Shaun in Florida in 2004.

A Sudden Turn in 2022

During what should have been a landmark year for Ann celebrating her 60th Birthday with friends and family. Ann faced two aneurysms near her AVM, leading to a brain bleed.

Despite initial recovery, complications and COVID-19 infections disrupted crucial medical procedures.

Tragically, further bleeds resulted in Ann being admitted to ICU and placed in a medically induced coma. The subsequent medical interventions led to paralysis from the neck down and a dependence on a ventilator.

Shaun's Mission: Get Ann Home

Ann’s current situation in the Royal Victoria Hospital ICU is stable, but the journey ahead is daunting.

The Brady family faces the need to extensively modify their home to accommodate Ann’s care requirements.

Despite Shaun’s full-time employment and Ann’s private pension, they receive no financial aid for these modifications, putting them in a difficult position.

How You Can Help

We appeal to your kindness and generosity to support Shaun and Ann during this difficult time.

Your contributions will aid in adapting their home, ensuring Ann receives the necessary care in a familiar and comfortable environment.

This effort will not only alleviate the financial burden but also reunite the couple in their own home, eliminating the heart-wrenching daily goodbyes.

What are Spinal AVMs?

Spinal arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are a rare and heterogeneous group of abnormally developed spinal blood vessels associated with an increased risk for haemorrhage and morbidity.

Specifically, these malformations lead to shunting of blood from arteries to veins with an abnormal capillary bed.

All crowdfunding proceeds are sent directly to Shaun and Ann Brady via JustGiving.

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