Future Health Summit 2024

May 29th - 30th | Dublin Royal Convention Centre

Event Overview

Sysco Healthcare are proud to announce our participation in the Future Health Summit, taking place at the Dublin Royal Convention Centre. The summit is a globally recognised event in the healthcare industry, drawing over 600 high-level delegates from across the world. 

What is the Future Health Summit?

The Future Health Summit is an international gathering of healthcare leaders and innovators. It serves as a platform for sharing insights and discussing the future of healthcare. 

The 2024 theme, “Global Perspectives Delivering for Irish Patients,” emphasises the collaboration of various global healthcare organisations aimed at enhancing Irish healthcare and eHealth services. 

Meet the Sysco Healthcare team

At Sysco Healthcare’s booth, Sysco Software Sales Manager, Vincent Fitzpatrick alongside our award-winning Healthcare Consultancy Team will be demonstrating our advanced healthcare case management software, built on the secure and reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. Our software is designed to streamline healthcare services by providing comprehensive tools for patient management, scheduling, and more.

Sysco Healthcare Demonstration: What to Expect?

Integrated Care

Learn how our software facilitates coordination between different healthcare providers, ensuring that patient care is timely, efficient, and effective.

Enhanced Patient Engagement 

Discover the tools we offer for improving patient engagement, including personalised patient portals that provide access to health records, appointment scheduling, and communication with care providers.

Operational Efficiency

Discuss with our consultancy team how the Sysco Healthcare platform can help reduce administrative burdens, streamline operations, and improve service delivery in healthcare settings.

Compliance and Security

Understand the measures we implement to ensure data protection, privacy, and compliance with healthcare regulations.


We invite all attendees to visit our booth for a demonstration of our software and discuss how it can meet the needs of your healthcare organisation. Whether you’re looking to optimise operations, enhance patient care, or ensure compliance, Sysco Healthcare provides the tools you need to succeed.

For more details on the full capabilities of our healthcare case management software, please visit Sysco Healthcare.

We look forward to meeting you at the Future Health Summit and exploring how we can assist in advancing healthcare together.

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