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Sysco Software Essentials - Apps for Business Central​

Sysco Software have developed a range of quick start applications for Business Central that allow organisations to get started, faster using industry standard apps and processes.

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Credit Control App

The Sysco app for credit control automates the process of placing a customer ‘on credit hold’ when their credit limit has been surpassed. This occurs when the total of the customer balance and all outstanding sales transactions exceeds the customer credit limit.

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Fixed Range App

The Sysco Software Essentials App for Fixed Range allows users within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to restrict products added to sales transactions per customer or by customer group. The app includes a fast and effective method to add individual items or groups of items to a fixed range.

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The Sysco app for the Goods Received/Shipped not invoiced are enhanced versions of the standard reports that were replaced by as Shipped Not Received and Shipped Not Invoiced pages under Purchase Orders and Sales Orders.

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Percentage Consumption App

The Sysco Software Consumption Percentage app will show a Consumption % Posted on the released production order list and this will be calculated when consumption journals are posted.

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Post Options App

The Sysco app for Post Options provides a quick and easy solution to limit options presented to the user when posting transactions within Business Central. For example, when receiving a purchase order, the default option when posting is Receive and Invoice which if not changed will cause issues for the accounts department when matching a supplier invoice.

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Quality Control App

The Sysco Quality app allows users to define specific quality tests per item which can be recorded during the Goods In and Production process within Business Central. Quality tests can be a predefined range of questions each with certain types of answers, e.g. Decimal, Option, Integer and Free Text. The answer to these questions will result in a pass or fail.

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Reason Codes App

Sysco have developed an app to allow users within Business Central to post item journals to multiple General ledger accounts using a reason code. The benefit of such an app is that stock adjustments for certain scenarios can be analysed separately and the root cause of these can be found quicker to allow the business to monitor the process and adjust where necessary.

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