Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central the right ERP platform for my business?


Selecting the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform can be a challenging and time-consuming process. With so many different options available, it can be difficult to determine which solution is the best fit for the company’s specific needs and budget. 

Without the right guidance, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the various features and capabilities of different ERP platforms, making it difficult to make an informed decision. It is important for companies to carefully consider their business needs and evaluate their options in order to choose an ERP platform that will meet their needs and help drive business growth.

There are several common problems that you may encounter when determining the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform for your business:

  1. One common problem is gathering a full view of the business needs and requirements, which can make it difficult to choose an ERP platform. This is an expensive and time consuming process without the right set of tools and governance in place.
  2. ERP platforms can be complex to implement and difficult to support in the long-term, which can be a problem for companies with limited technical resources. This can lead to delays and additional costs during the implementation process.
  3. Some ERP platforms may not meet the specific needs of the company, which can be a problem if the company has unique business processes or regulatory requirements.
  4. Knowing early-on if an integration is possible with a company’s existing systems and processes, which can cause disruptions and additional work during the implementation process.
  5. Some ERP platforms are proprietary and require the company to use specific hardware and software, which can lead to vendor lock-in and limit the company’s flexibility in the future.

Sysco Software Solutions focus exclusively on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP platform with a local team of specialists implementing sites across Ireland and the UK.

Business Central is a powerful all-in-one business management solution designed to help businesses in Ireland and the UK automate and streamline their financial, supply chain, and operations management.

  1. We provide the tools and experience necessary to deliver a successful ERP implementation with clear license, implementation and onward support costs.
  2. We have a team of Microsoft Azure specialists who can assist your team in Manging, Monitoring and Protecting your ERP environment, backed by the security and reliability of the Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  3. Sysco Software Solutions have over 40 years experience delivering ERP solutions into a wide range of industries such as Food & Drink, Manufacturing, Distribution, Financial Services, the Public Sector and Aircraft Leasing. Many of the industries we work within are tightly regulated with their own sets of rules and guidelines to adhere to.
  4. Sysco Software Solutions have developed a set of pre-built extensions to get your organisation started quickly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central but also have the experience in the integration of third party shop floor systems, warehousing tools and automated document processing software.
  5. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central there is no vendor lock in and the ethos is very much to create a ‘better-together’ environment connecting data other line of business tools.

Overall, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive business management solution that can help financial and managing directors in Ireland and the UK streamline and automate their operations, improve financial management, and drive business growth. By providing access to real-time data and insights, Business Central empowers directors to make informed decisions that can help their businesses thrive.

Making The Right ERP Selection For Your Organisation

For companies who are considering an upgrade or migration away from the ERP platform they have in place at the moment, or are considering a new ERP platform for the first time, our SmartStep Requirements Discovery and tool identifies your needs, wants and optimal platform fit for your business and we’ve used our 40 years of experience to build a collection of industry focused solutions and Business Central Essential Apps that get you up and running quickly with minimal fuss, by people who know your industry.

Contact us for more detail and to arrange a call with one of our experienced ERP account managers.

For further information, please contact:

David Reid | | Head of Marketing | +44 (0)74 8338 2490

Sysco Software Solutions

Sysco Software Solutions is a multi-award-winning Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner and employs more than 100 full-time specialist consultants. Sysco Software Solutions are uniquely placed to deliver industry specific projects built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology stack, the Power Platform hosted on a secure Microsoft Azure Cloud from offices in Dublin and Belfast.

In business for more than 40 years, Sysco Software Solutions specialise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Project Operations, Sales and Marketing implementations. Our technical teams are constantly innovating, and our dedicated customer service teams have enabled Sysco Software to maintain our competitive advantage as one of Ireland’s leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partners.

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