Strategic Financial Management for CFOs in the Agri-Food Industry


As we approach the end of 2023, a year marked by unique challenges and opportunities, we look at how CFOs in the agri-food sectors of Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and Scotland have been at the forefront of strategic financial management. 

Through the use of adaptive strategies and software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, CFOs have managed inflation, post-brexit trade agreements and the growing needs of sustainability in the supply chain.

The Republic of Ireland: Adapting to Inflation

Cost Management vs Inflation: With rising input costs, CFOs have focused on optimising expenses using Business Central’s analytics and reporting capabilities.

Market Analysis for Expansion: Identifying new market opportunities has been key, with Business Central aiding in strategic decisions for expansion and diversification.

Sustainable Financial Practices: Balancing profitability with sustainability goals, CFOs are integrating environmentally responsible practices into their financial strategies.

Customs House - Dublin - Ireland
The Custom House, Dublin

Northern Ireland: Financial Agility in Post-Brexit Trade

Customs and Compliance Management: CFOs have navigated the complexities of post-Brexit trade, utilising Business Central for compliance and financial efficiency.

Supply Chain Financial Management: Emphasis on supply chain optimisation has been crucial for maintaining financial stability amidst global disruption.

Strategic Financial Planning: Leveraging forecasting tools within Business Central for adaptive financial planning in a dynamic economic environment.

The imposing Belfast City Hall illuminated
City Hall, Belfast

Scotland: Innovation and Sustainability

Sustainable Financial Management: CFOs have aligned financial strategies with sustainability initiatives, aided by Business Central’s tracking and reporting functionalities.

Risk Management in Supply Chain: Utilising Business Central to mitigate financial risks associated with global supply chain challenges.

Investment in Technological Advancement: Advocating for and managing investments in technological solutions like Business Central to foster future growth and innovation.

Great Britain, Scotland, Edinburgh, Scott Monument
Scott Monument, Edinburgh


2023 has seen CFOs across the agri-food sectors in these regions tackle financial and operational challenges head-on. Their strategic use of platforms such as Business Central has facilitated, not just immediate problem-solving, but also future-proofed their businesses. 

The experiences of each region highlight the vital role of CFOs in managing economic changes, assessing risks, and guiding strategic investments, ensuring the continued growth of the company and stability in a challenging market.

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