Wholesale Distribution Complaints Management with Dynamics 365 Copilot AI


Wholesale Distribution Complaints Management with Dynamics 365 Copilot AI

Wholesale Distribution in the UK and Ireland is extremely competitive. Managing customer complaints efficiently is crucial for building trust and ensuring long-term relationships. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in complaint management software has significantly streamlined this effort and, in this article, I will discuss the role of Copilot AI within Dynamics 365 Customer Service, which is particularly impactful within the Wholesale Distribution sector.

Copilot AI, with its real-time, AI-powered assistance, automates mundane tasks like searching and note-taking, freeing agents for more high-value interactions with customers.

Three Ways Copilot AI Assists

1. Real-time Query Resolutions

Agents can ask Copilot AI questions in real time, whether they are interacting with customers via phone, chat, or social media.

Copilot scours all company resources to provide quick, informative answers, acting like an experienced colleague.

A recent study by Microsoft illustrated a 22 percent reduction in time to close cases, showcasing the significant time-saving advantage.

2. Intelligent Email Responses

Agents can draft emails swiftly by selecting from predefined prompts or creating custom prompts for complex issues.

Copilot’s intelligent understanding of conversation context and case notes enables the drafting of relevant, personalised emails, significantly reducing response time.

3. Summarisation of Cases and Conversations

Agents can summarise lengthy cases and conversations with a click, saving considerable time and ensuring key information is easily accessible.

Conversation summaries are particularly useful in high-touch scenarios where speedy agent handoffs are necessary, ensuring seamless customer experience.

The introduction of Copilot AI into the Customer Service activities of Wholesalers is just one part of a larger digital transformation strategy that many of our clients are undertaking as part of their Wholesale Distribution Complaints Management Software and the Integration of AI in to Core Business Applications as highlighted in these articles. 

Next Steps...

AI assisted Contact Centres are crucial in supporting customers throughout their journey. 

The integration of AI and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service with a rounded approach to Wholesale Distribution not only streamlines the resolution of complaints but also significantly enhances the interaction between call-centre and accounts administration staff, driving positive business outcomes.

For more details and to arrange a demonstration visit the link below: 

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