Why it’s time to migrate Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central


In this article, we look at how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, provides a seamless and advanced upgrade path for companies currently using Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Evaluating Change: Migrate GP to BC?

Updating your technology infrastructure is a decision that requires careful thought. As technology evolves, the transition to newer systems like Dynamics 365 Business Central becomes a more approachable and less intimidating prospect. 

We asked Niall Morgan, Commercial Lead for Sysco Software’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central practice on his thoughts and experiences regarding migrations from GP to BC with Sysco Software. 

Sysco Software have gained valuable experience migrating sites from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central as well as assisting in the overall evaluation process.

It is a no-brainer for GP clients to move to the biggest selling Microsoft Cloud business application, as it ensures they get value - not just from their initial GP investment, but Business Central integrates seamlessly with all Microsoft offerings such as Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Office 365, Teams, Copilot AI and Power BI.

Why migrate to Business Central from Dynamics GP?

Microsoft’s focus has now shifted to developing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, as its front-running cloud-based ERP solution. 

For SMBs seeking to improve their business workflows and financial management, Business Central offers a range of robust features. It shares several characteristics with Dynamics GP but adds significant enhancements like workflow automation, cloud backups, automatic updates, and user-friendly dashboards. Furthermore, many third-party tools integrated into GP systems are native in Dynamics 365 Business Central, making the transition worthwhile.

Sysco Software have also developed a range of quick start “Essential Apps” which will enable faster adoption and implementation of any new platform migration across a range of industry specialisations. 

Background, differences and benefits: GP vs BC

Originally released in 1993 as Great Plains, Microsoft Dynamics GP has been a reliable solution for SMBs, managing various day-to-day operations. However, being primarily an on-premise solution, it requires significant on-site IT management, including manual software updates and maintenance of physical hardware.

In contrast, Dynamics 365 Business Central can operate entirely in the cloud, freeing companies from the need for on-premise hosting. Updates and bug fixes are managed remotely by Sysco Software and Microsoft, reducing the necessity for in-house IT staff who specialise in GP Updates. 

Business Central surpasses GP in all aspects such as workflow automation and data synchronicity, streamlining operations and reducing manual entry errors.

Benefits of upgrading GP to Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central stands out for its functionality and ease of use. Some of its key benefits include:

1. Automatic Updates
Frequent updates are included in the subscription.

2. Better Workflows
Integration with Microsoft tools and third-party add-ons for efficient data synchronisation and workflow automation.

3. Better Reporting and Analytics
Continuous connectivity with various platforms for comprehensive business insights.

4. Better integration with Microsoft Apps
 Compatibility with Dynamics 365 apps, Office 365, Power BI, and a vast range of third-party add-ons.

5. Integrated Training Modules
Facilitating easier adaptation to new tools and features.

6. Cost Reduction
Cloud-based operation significantly reduces the need for physical data storage and hardware maintenance.

7. Custom Development
Access to Microsoft’s Power Apps Platform for bespoke business applications.

8. Remote Work
Secure, anywhere access to data and applications.

9. Copilot AI 
AI-powered tools for improved forecasting and analytics.

10. Security Built In
Robust security measures and data backups ensure business continuity and data protection.

Start a Migration to Business Central with Sysco Software

A migration from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central may seem daunting, but with Sysco Software, Ireland’s leading ERP provider, you take advantage of our experience in providing a process which is both streamlined and efficient. This ensures a smooth transition, encompassing an audit of your current system, consulting with internal team members, and developing a comprehensive migration plan.

Sysco Software’s role is to simplify the transition, providing technical and change management support to ensure minimal disruption to your operations. Our team will guide you through every step, from initial assessment to the final migration, ensuring a seamless shift to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Contact Sysco Software for a comprehensive assessment of your current Dynamics GP environment and a tailored migration plan

About Sysco Software

Sysco Software is a multi-award-winning, and certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications Solution Partner employing more than 110 full-time Dynamics 365 consultants.

Sysco Software are uniquely placed to deliver industry specific projects built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology stack, the Power Platform hosted on a secure Microsoft Azure Cloud from offices in Dublin and Belfast.

In business for more than 40 years, Sysco Software specialise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Project Operations, Sales and Marketing implementations. Our technical teams are constantly innovating, and our dedicated customer service teams have enabled Sysco Software to maintain our competitive advantage as one of Ireland’s leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partners.

For further queries, please contact: David Reid | dreid@sysco-software.com | +44 (0)74 8338 2490

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